Application for Enrollment 2019/2020

The tuition is free when it is in a group (more than 7 children). It is conducted according to the adapted programs and student books for Bulgarian students living abroad and it is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 90 of May 29, 2018. The Cyril and Methodius School in Nicosia is included in the List of Bulgarian Schools Abroad for the 2019/2020 school year (under No. 142), which you can see by clicking here.

The certificates issued by the school are recognized in Bulgaria and are used by students to enroll in the next grade in Bulgarian schools without having to take additional exams for that grade.

An administrative fee of EUR 50 is paid for organizing the written tests, for issuing a certificate and registering it in the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria. The fee of 50 euros is to be transferred to the school’s account by September 15th. Enrolled children are considered to have paid the fee. Only the students that have transferred the fee are considered enrolled in the school.


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